The Evening Experience

Directions and Parking

  • Take I-86/Route 17 to Exit 46 in Corning and follow signs to the Corning Museum of Glass.
  • Do NOT turn into the museum parking as you come off the highway.
  • Drive past the front of the museum, which will be on your right, and turn right at the light onto Museum Way.
  • Turn right into the lot at the rear of the museum.
  • Overflow parking is available in the YMCA lot across Museum Way.
  • Parking at Civic Music performances is free of charge.

The Box Office

The Civic Music box office is located inside the rear entrance of the museum (pictured below), in the lobby under the escalator, near the auditorium doors. The box office opens at 6:30pm; the auditorium doors usually open for general admission seating at 7:00; and the concert starts at 7:30.


For Your Comfort

We invite you to make use of the Museum’s coat rack during cooler months.   It is located behind the glass wall between the two auditorium entrances on the ground floor (across the breezeway from the Box Office table).  

Restrooms for guests at Civic Music performances are located near the ground floor entrance to the right of the auditorium. 

Refreshments, including snacks, wine, beer and other beverages, are available to purchase before the performance and during intermission.



There are no assigned seats at Civic Music, although there is a section in the center of the auditorium reserved for our Patrons who have purchased preferred seating.  For more information about becoming a Patron and purchasing preferred seating, please contact us via email or call 1-800-531-3679.

Outside the Patron seating area, we invite guests to sit wherever they’d like.  Please be mindful of others as you pick seats, and try not to leave a lot of single empty seats between groups in a row.


What to Wear

There is no dress code, per se, for Civic Music performances or programs at the Corning Museum of Glass.  However, we typically recommend pants and collared shirts for men and pants/blouse or dress/skirt outfits for women.  Jackets are common for men in our audience.  The only way to be sure what you’ll feel comfortable wearing is to attend one of our performances and see for yourself.  We welcome you!


During the Performance

Our programs typically begin on time, at 7:30 p.m., with some brief welcoming remarks from our organization president, who then introduces the performer(s).  Lights are low in the Corning Museum of Glass auditorium, so we encourage our guests to be seated in advance of the scheduled start time.

Together with our partners at CMoG, we do prohibit food, drink and recording/photography of any kind.

Applause is typical and welcome when the performer(s) enter(s) the stage, between numbers, after a particularly rousing solo (where applicable) and at the close of the performances.  

There is usually one 15-minute intermission between two sets during our performances.


Children at Civic Music

At Civic Music, we firmly believe that exposure to a wide variety of quality music enriches any child’s life. We also know that attending live performances helps children learn to be good audience members early in life.  That’s why we welcome children to our performances, and why we work actively with area school districts to schedule special engagements with our performers when they are in town.  Contact Jerry Przybylski at for more information about this program.  

We ask all audience members to be mindful of how their actions impact the experience of those around them.